Thanks to the rigorous controls exhibited throughout our production process, all of our procedures are committed to the very highest levels of quality and the promise of agreed delivery times. Each and every one of our products and services is unique and tailored to the requirements for every single one of our projects to provide the very best solution.

Engineering projects

  • Full project lifecycle management: construction, set-up, launch and maintenance of internal and external mechanical projects.
    • Storage and maintenance
    • Specialized machinery
    • Maintenance equipment: loading tools, control rods etc
    • Transport and storage components: containers, carts, palets, storage units
    • Maintenance platforms
    • Protective wear for machinery and security enclosures
      • Risk analysis and CE certifications
      • REA membership

Assembly line production

  • Product research, processes, AMFE analysis, development of prototypes and dimension inspection reports
    • Small and large assemblies
    • Expansive range of materials: steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, technical plastics.
    • Stamping, punch-press mechanical welding