We are experts in project manufacturing

At Toral, our experience in project manufacturing allows us to offer our clients a wide range of specialized services. From the beginning to the end of the project, we take care of each stage with dedication and professionalism.

We design, manufacture, assemble and implement our own and external mechanical projects, ensuring the quality and precision of every detail. We have facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology for cutting, punching, folding, threading, machining and welding of metal sheets and profiles.

Our paint booth guarantees impeccable and long-lasting finishes.

Welding is a critical aspect in many projects, and that is why at Toral we have externally approved welders to work with carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, thereby ensuring the strength and quality required in each joint.

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Metallic transforms

Project manufacturing

  • Design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of own and external mechanical projects.
  • Cutting, punching, bending, threading, machining, welding and painting of metal parts and structures.
  • Externally approved welders for welding carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Turnkey mechanical installations.
  • Transportation, maintenance and production lines.
  • Handling tools (loading tools, pallets,…).
  • Protection of machines and safety enclosures.
  • Maintenance platforms.
  • Transport and storage elements (containers, carts, pallets, shelves...).
  • Special machines.
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At Toral we are characterized by great flexibility and speed of response to the changing needs of clients, which allows us to manufacture both series parts and projects under drawing.

We carry out turnkey projects with budgets of more than €1 million and coordinate complex projects with mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and automation parts.

Mass production of metal parts

We take care of manufacturing what you need for your project

In summary, at Toral we are committed to excellence in project manufacturing, offering comprehensive and high-quality solutions in every aspect of the process. Our customer-centric approach and innovation has allowed us to establish a strong reputation in the market. We are eager to face new challenges and remain a reliable partner for mechanical projects in various sectors.

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