Toral has achieved environmental certification from AENOR

Toral Metal Processing and environmental certification

In Metal Transformed Toral, our goal is to provide customers with a integral service, always complying with the international quality standards. This is how our company's quality management system is governed by international standards. Iso 9001, but recently we got the ISO 14001 environmental certification. We tell you more about her!

What is ISO 14001 environmental certification?

To meet the needs of the present, but without compromising those of future generations, it is necessary to achieve a balance between the environment, society and the economy. Thanks to the balance of the three pillars of sustainability it is possible to achieve sustainable development. This development is carried out thanks to the strict regulations that exist today to respect the environment.

In Toral, we are committed to sustainability and with him environment and that is why we have implemented a waste management system that is respectful of the environment and environmental standards. We would like to highlight that, recently, Transformados Metálicos Toral has achieved the ISO 14001 environmental certification, and we comply with other regulations and legal requirements. Our objective, in addition to quality, is to enable a sustainable management system that is respectful of the environment.

Transformados Metálicos Toral has received environmental certification from AENOR for the implementation of an Environmental Management System

The ISO 14001 environmental certification gives companies and organizations a framework to protect the environment, respond to its changing conditions, but maintaining balance in accordance with the socioeconomic needs. This standard specifies all the requirements that are needed to establish a Environmental management system that is efficient and that allows companies to achieve the results they want.

Development of the Environmental Management System

The ISO 14001 standard establishes different options that a company can adopt to contribute to the development of the Environmental management system, through:

  • Protecting the environment using prevention.
  • Mitigating the environmental impact, as well as side effects (this depends on the environmental conditions of the company).
  • Helps the company meet the legislation about.
  • Controls the way in which the products and services of an organization.
  • It is possible to get financial benefits and operations, as a result of applying environmental alternatives. All this contributes to strengthening the company's positioning in the market.
  • The ISO 14001 standard communicates environmental information to interested parties.

The Environmental Management System allows companies take advantage of existing opportunities to prevent or alleviate environmental impacts; In this sense, it focuses on those that have a close relationship with the competitive and strategic implications. The application of the ISO 14001 standard is not the same for each business and organization, as it depends on its context.

For example, two companies can carry out similar activities, but have very different compliance obligations, environmental policy commitments, technologies and environmental performance goals.

Environmental Management System in Metal Processing Toral

The results of the Environmental Management System They depend on the policy that is established in each organization. These results include:

  • Improving environmental performance.
  • Compliance with environmental obligations.
  • Achieve environmental objectives. It should be noted that the environmental standard applies to any company, regardless of its size, type and the nature of the economic activity. The standard applies to business activities, but also to products and services.

In Metal Transformed Toral we have implemented a Environmental management system and therefore, AENOR has recently granted us the environmental certification correspondent. This certificate was granted to us by the production of metal parts through the processes of folding, cutting, pressing, drilling and welding; as well as for the manufacture of support elements such as conveyor belts, containers and mobile containers and pallets, but also for the production of lighting columns. Work that we carry out, following the standards and requirements of ISO 14001.

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