Sheet metal bending machines can be manual or automatic and work with CNC.

What are sheet metal bending machines? everything you need to know

When it comes to the metallic transformed, sheet metal bending machines play an important role. Almost every industry, from food to automotive, uses badges and for the treatment of these metallic elements, different machine tools, one of which is the bending machine, also called folder.

What are sheet metal bending machines?

Sheets are metal plates of different dimensions that must subsequently be worked and adapted according to the needs of each industry. Bending machines are used to shape these metal plates.

How do sheet metal bending machines work?

Folding machines work cold and the type of machining they perform is by deformation. To bend or shape sheets it is necessary to apply a force to the sheet. The result of this force is a permanent deformation in the sheet, which can be in the form of a V-channel or a U-channel.

One of the advantages of sheet metal bending machines is that the process is quite economical, since it is easier to deform a flat piece than to machine it from scratch, for example by welding two different pieces to create a specific shape. Additionally, bending is stronger than welding.

Types of folding

Sheet metal bending machines can perform three types of bending: air bending, deep bending, and coining.

Air folded

In this type of bending, the punch of the press brake forces the plate into a die, but the force applied is not so great that the metal plate touches all the walls of the die. 

deep fold

In deep bending, the punch causes the plate to enter the die completely, achieving a shape similar to the geometry of the die.


The coining process is the most expensive and difficult to do, and requires the operator to be an expert in handling the bending machine. In coining, the punch applies a greater force to the sheet, so that the resulting deformation is permanent, that is, it cannot be reversed.

CNC sheet metal bending machines

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) bending machines are the most advanced since they incorporate a computer, which not only provides precision, but also reduces production costs and the workload of operators (the same operator can control different CNC machines at the same time). the same time).

CNC bending machines operate in an automated manner. First, the design of the part to be machined is done on an external computer using CAD and CAM programs. The design is then translated into the machine language and this design can then be uploaded to the CNC brake computer.

The operator only has to place the piece to be worked on and operate the folder. That is, it is not necessary to perform manual calculations or manipulate the metal plate to work with it. It is also not necessary for the operator to operate the punch manually.

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