What are the types of industrial facilities?

Types of industrial facilities and their most important elements

The Industrial facilities are necessary so that the tasks can be carried out efficiently. productive activities. Today there are different types of industrial facilities which are made up of elements that guarantee the transformation of the raw material and manufacturing of the products.

What are industrial facilities?

A industrial facility combines and integrates diverse services and supplies which aim to facilitate work in functional industrial plants and, with it, the correct transformation either manufacturing of certain products.

This is how we find that the Industrial facilities They are part of a larger whole such as a industrial plant. The plant system is compact and is responsible for carrying out various processes which are divided into stages. In a plant not only is the manufacturing of parts, but also includes the storage of the finished products, as well as the raw Materials for manufacturing.

The industrial installation also includes various systems that are responsible for providing electricity, ventilation, do the sanitation, among others and, of course, the machinery to be able to carry out all the processes.

Electrical installation is one of the most important types of industrial installations.

Types of industrial facilities

The various types of industrial facilities have the common goal of combine the work of operators with machines to be able to transform raw materials and energy, according to a process of manufacturing specific. When it comes to the serial production, the types of industrial facilities are the foundation on which the entire system is built. a company project.

On the other hand, it should be noted that every industrial installation is accompanied by various activities and disciplines such as safety, hygiene and maintenance industrial.

Electrical installations

One of the types of industrial facilities more important is the electric, because without it, the plant could not operate. The electrical installation takes into account the power intake by a distributor and the production electricity inside the plant. They are also considered the grounding (which is essential for industrial warehouses), the energy control and the protection electrical.

The elements of electrical installations are diverse, and among them are those that are responsible for manage energy, perform the automation of the processes, the Connection of machine tools and security systems.

Mechanical industrial facilities

Mechanical industrial facilities include the installation of pipes to carry out various processes, as well as the implementation of mechanical systems specific. Also included within this type of industrial installation are the mechanical assembly for production lines. That is, the provision of the various machines that are part of a production line.

In summary, the mechanical elements as a whole are part of the types of industrial facilities essentials of a company. Its most important elements include the pipes and the different mechanical installations, and hydraulic, to which we dedicate their own sections below.

The types of industrial facilities include the commissioning of machine tools

Pneumatic installations

At pneumatic installations belong the pipelines which aim to distribute compressed air that contributes to the functioning of the tools, machines and equipment that is part of a production chain.

Some of the most important elements of this type of industrial facility are the compressor of air, the hoses pneumatic, valves regulators and control of air or gas pressure, and actuators.

Hydraulic installations

The hydraulic industrial facilities They are very similar to pneumatic ones. The main difference is that they use different fluids, because while the pneumatics take care of the gases, the hydraulics do it liquids. It is said that these two types of industrial facilities are similar because they are made up of similar elements such as pipelines to distribute the fluids and of course, valves, actuators and bombs, as well as deposits to store fluids.

In the case of hydraulic installation, hydraulic bombs and actuators such as cylinders and engines. These elements are specific to distribute and store liquids.

Machine tool installations

Plants and factories that are dedicated to mass production or the transformation of raw materials to make parts require certain Machine tools. The installation of the machines requires, at the same time, other types of industrial installations, such as, for example, electrical installations to supply electricity to the machines.

When purchasing machinery such as presses, milling machines, lathes or drills, which we have available in Metal Transformed Toral, you should consult the scheme of the machine in which the types of industrial facilities required (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.). Ask us about our service facility on site and commissioning of machinery in industrial warehouses here.

Industrial security facilities

This is one of the most important types of industrial facilities, as it is responsible for ensuring the security of the entire production plant. These facilities have the objective of protect to the operators, but also the facilities and everything that is found inside, and the environment (through proper waste management).

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