What are the advantages of CNC machines?

Advantages of CNC machines for industry

We know they exist three types of machining: with chip removal, without chip removal and by abrasion. What if we told you that there are advanced machines capable of carrying out very complex jobs? In fact, you may save long abrasion processes to improve the tolerances of a part. We are talking about machines that work by Computerized numeric control. Discover the advantages of CNC machines for the metalworking industry.

What are CNC machines and how do they work?

Before telling you what the advantages of CNC machines are for the machining industry, it is important that you know What are these machines and how do they work?. These are the most advanced equipment you can find today and are equipped with a computer. This computer is responsible for carrying out the entire machining process, reducing operator intervention, as discussed below.

A cnc machine It works using two different software: CAD and CAM. CAD is the software design, while the CAM is that of manufacturing. To do this, it is necessary for the operator to design the part in a external computer using CAD software. Once the part has been designed, it is then passed through the cam who is in charge of translating it into alphanumeric language that the CNC machine uses.

One of the advantages of CNC machines is that it reduces labor

This is how, basically, the piece goes from a simple design what you can see in the screen from your computer, to a real piece. The operator only has to place the raw material in the machine and insert the parameters (in CNC language) necessary to carry out the desired work.

Today you can find a large number of CNC machines in the market. The most important are the lathes and milling machines. Why are they the most important? Because, for example, on a CNC lathe it is not only possible to turn the part to give it shape, but it is also possible to carry out machining work. boring, boring, etc.

5 advantages of CNC machines

Better finishes

One of the main advantages of CNC machines is that improve the finishes and are capable of manufacturing complex parts, with very demanding tolerances. For example, if you work on a conventional machine, such as the turnstile, this requires a qualified operator to shape the piece; Depending on the machine and part requirements, as well as the skill of the operator, the part may not have a perfect finish and that it is necessary to go through a process of rectified.

Grinding is machining by abrasion which, although it allows to improve the final result, requires a lot of time, since the material particles that are removed are tiny. A CNC machine saves you all this: on the same piece of equipment you can turn the part and have it manufactured with excellent results.

Manufacture of complex parts

Not only because they have great precision, but because they exist different models, CNC machines are capable of performing very complex jobs. Because? Because, depending on the equipment, you can find them with different axes. Again, it all depends on the machine you are using, but there are equipment with the capacity to work with up to five axes.

We tell you that a machine works with three main axes: X, Y, Z and they refer to Cartesian vectors. But a CNC machine incorporates other axes: A and B, which refer to the rotation of the piece about this same axis. For example, the operator places the part in the machine and it begins to work; if the part needs to be relocated, the operator does not have to stop the machine to move the part: the equipment does it by itself through the A or B axes.

Minimal human intervention

Another advantage of CNC machines is that They do not require much intervention from operators. In fact, the same operator can work on different CNC machines simultaneously. Because? Because you just have to enter the design of the CNC part into the machine's computer and it gets to work.

The same operator can work on different CNC machines at the same time

Advantages of CNC machines: Safety for operators

It is important to note that CNC machine tools work in an automated way Almost completely. This makes the operators are not exposedconstantly, to the teams, which increases the security and reduces the risk of accidents.

As today's machines continue to evolve constantly, we tell you that some allow the incorporation of feeding robotic arms. This means that the operator only has to program the equipment and the robotic arm is responsible for placing the part in its place.

Savings and reduction of delivery times

We already saw that one of the advantages of CNC machines is that they do not require the constant presence of an operator. But, in addition, these equipment are so advanced that make the most of the material, which, without a doubt, represents a saving.

On the other hand, the machines considerably reduce the delivery times, since they are capable of manufacturing serial parts and, again, without an operator being next to the equipment at all times. All this translates into considerable savings of labor, time and material.

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