Laser metal cutting provides precision

What is metal cutting with optical laser like?

In Metal Transformed Toral We stay at the forefront and offer quality products. Therefore, as part of our machinery we have a optical laser cutter. In this article we tell you what the laser metal cutting and what are its benefits for machining. Keep reading!

What is fiber optic laser?

Is fiber optic laser metal cutting a good idea for machining parts? What type of technique is used? Laser means Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation), and the machine uses a optical fiber where multiples mix items. This optical fiber includes erbium, neodymium, dysprosium, holmium, ytterbium, praseodymium and thulium; These elements are responsible for amplify a beam of light.

To pump the light beam, one or more laser diodes, that is why it is said that this type of machines are pumped diodes. The fiber optic laser, as such, is used in numerous industries due to its versatility, but, thanks to the evolution of this technology, it is also used for metal cutting.

He laser metal cutting has specific characteristics. For example, in the case of steel, one of the most used metals in the metal industry. mechanized, the maximum cutting capacity is up to 25mm. On the other hand, laser metal cutting involves high speed. Taking a piece with a thickness of 25 mm as an example, the average speed is 0.6 m/min.

Laser cutting reduces delivery times

What is laser metal cutting like?

He fiber optic laser operation It's pretty simple. The machine is equipped with a tube fiber laser which is where a beam is generated, while passes light from a diode. The passage of light is done through a fiber optic cable where are arranged items mentioned above and amplify the power of the light beam.

The wavelength of the light beam is 1,065 nanometers. Due to this specific characteristic, the laser can not only cut metals, but also make engravings on the most diverse pieces. Basically, you only need place the metal piece and activate the device so that the cut occurs. In fact, the laser tube does not require alignment, this makes the light beam much more stable, which also makes the cut very precise.

Benefits of laser cutting

He laser cutting It is a modern and very versatile technique that allows you to work multiple metals such as steel (of different thicknesses); also supports aluminum, brass and copper. Today, it is considered one of the systems faster and more precise when it comes to cutting metal parts. Laser cutters can not only work badges, but they can also cut tubes. In addition, the machine makes the cuts with great precision.

As the machine preparation It is simple and fast, machining of parts It is very fast and varied, as we already mentioned, you can cut pieces of different thicknesses. On the other hand, the cost of maintenance, as well as the consumables, is quite low. Regarding the energy cost, we must tell you that this is low to medium, since it depends, in general, on the laser power. As we already mentioned, the cutting speed is quite high, which allows parts to be machined in series, also shortening delivery times.

Another advantage of these machines is that They work by CNC (computerized numeric control). This means that it is enough to enter the design of the parts or cutting patterns on the computer and start the machine. That is, it is not necessary manual intervention of the operator during the cutting process itself. This feature not only reduces machining times and improves productivity, but also means much more security for the operators.

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